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ACT Government's Minister Mick Gentleman Turns the first Sod at Canberra Kart Track in front of competitors and media today.

CKRC Track Extension Committee Member, James Ordish, said "The turning of the first sod marks the official commencement of the works at Circuit Mark Webber. CKRC would like to thank all the members and media who turned up to witness this mementos event."

"We would also like to thank the ACT Government's Minister Mick Gentleman and D Group's Dino Jugovac for all their support and helping make the Track Extension a reality."

The track will remain open as works continue on the adjacent block. Stay tuned to CKRC for future developments and updates.

Karting New South Wales commends all parties in this fantastic project.


Just hours after Lewis Mataczyna was born in Canberra, he was flown to Sydney wrapped in cotton wool.

He was diagnosed with a rare and serious form of epidermolysis bullosa, which meant his skin could tear apart at the slightest touch or bump.

Since then his life has been a lot different from other kids his age, often missing out on the everyday joys of childhood.

He has had frequent operations including procedures to open his throat so he can eat and drink and he is very susceptible to infections.

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The ACT government will spend $200,000 upgrading Circuit Mark Webber, home of the Canberra Kart Racing Club, to allow international events.

The work will extend the Pialligo track from 750 metres to 1100 metres to meet international standards.

Canberra Kart Racing Club representative James Ordish said the track extension would allow the club to hold international events and national championships, and also increase the popularity of karting.

"We can increase the patronage and the media coverage and the interest in the sport," he said.

Minister for planning and land management Mick Gentleman said the funding would be included in the upcoming ACT budget review, delivering on a 2016 election promise to make major upgrades.

Mr Ordish said the club had been disappointed when it thought it had been skipped in the 2016 budget.

"It's been almost a two-year road to get us to where we are," he said.

The club won development approval for a $3.5 million major revamp. Mr Ordish said the $200,000 extension was the first stage of redevelopment, changing the angle of the first turn and extending the track. Other funding was yet to be secured.

Mr Gentleman said having the ability to host international sporting events would bring major economic benefits to the ACT.

He predicted kart racers would travel from around the world to compete at Circuit Mark Webber.

"Karting can be an important start to an exciting motorsport career – many top drivers across the world started with karting, including Australia's own Mark Webber," he said.

Local company D Group would begin the work as soon as the money was available in the next few months, with construction to be finished in 2019, Mr Ordish said. The club is still talking to the construction company about keeping parts of the track open during work.