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Last Saturday morning, 01 December 2018 the Board and Executive of Karting NSW Inc. (the real one) met with about 80 of our NSW Members at Penrith Panthers representing Clubs from around the State and where we laid out in detail, the work underway to move our State towards a position of independence in 2019.

The Board of Karting NSW has always communicated in an open and honest manner and the detail that we provided was warmly received by those present. As Directors, we believe it to be so important to build on the foundation of trust that we have worked hard to foster, and that which makes these events worthwhile and authentic.

You will recall the motions put and voted on in majority by our Members in September as: 
1. Engage the other States in a Vote of No Confidence in Karting Australia,
2.Develop and execute a plan to disaffiliate from Karting Australia.

We outlined the progress that we have made down these two pathways, clearly showing the way we will move forward with each. We relayed that we had contacted all States in Australia and spoken to only 3 State Presidents and other representatives. They were Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. The other States would not engage. The Presidents of the States we spoke to demonstrated little or no support to join in the motion of no confidence, even though each relayed varying levels of dissatisfaction with the National Body. Regardless, we will move to the next phase of calling a General Meeting of State Members in due course to promote a vote. A Notice to call a meeting has already been appropriately served.

The Board then outlined the pathway to disaffiliation but not before addressing the correspondence sent by AKA Ltd (trading as Karting Australia) on the 30th November, 2018 where Karting Australia announced that they have established an alternate association in NSW – to be known as Karting Australia (NSW) or KANSW. In this divisive move, Karting Australia has moved the sport into further uncertainty by standing up an organisation that not only appears to be in breach of its own constitution but bears a confusing similarity in name and trademark to those of Karting NSW (us, the real one). Further correspondence sent by KANSW directly to members further added to the confusion and misinformation.

The Board will write more specifically on this matter in the next day or so, but we reiterate that Karting NSW Inc (Us, the real one) currently remain Members of AKA Ltd (T/A Karting Australia). The only thing we say on the matter at the moment is that we believe this ‘other organisation’, does not have equivalent member status as KNSW or other States with Karting Australia. Also assertions made that KANSW (which only came into existence 17 days ago) will have access to the TDF are completely false and Members should not be duped. This organisation appears to be just a shell and we encourage your prudence in dealing with them.

In regards the matter of disaffiliation - well that will now come at a time of our choosing, and particularly now that Karting Australia have prematurely ‘changed the game’ with this confusing and provocative move to further divide the Sport’s administration rather than attempt to unify it for all.

And just to be clear, Karting NSW Inc. (“Us”) is and currently remains an Ordinary Member of the Australian Karting Association Limited.

But for now, let’s not dwell on any more negativity but move onto the positive and exciting work that has been done to stand ourselves up for the 2019 Competition year. Our presentation showcased the wonderful work done by our Sub-committees to get the administrative processes, Rule Books, Classes, Tyres, Engines, Licences, Officials, Member Management, Timing Systems and draft calendar all up and running so we can manage the Sport of Karting independently here in NSW and promote open, fair, fun and family friendly competition in 2019.

A copy of that presentation is available and will be sent to all members shortly after this memo, but the feedback on the day has given us the confidence that we have pretty much got it right. Still some fine tuning to do in most areas but the bulk of the work has been done and again we can’t thank those involved nearly enough for their dedication and hard work. The Board was particularly pleased with the Member engagement and approval and it was great to see the excitement in the room in the lead up to making our sport great again.

Later that day, and following our meeting with Members, we then hosted an information forum for Industry Representatives. A large part of the Karting Industry was present and they too were enthusiastic at the prospects. We openly discussed the State’s journey since 2017 outlining many of the issues, but what was more encouraging was the recognition of the many opportunities that lay before us all. The Board of Karting NSW Inc. recognises the importance of Industry, not just as suppliers of goods and services but more importantly as a part of the fabric of the Sport, and often where the Members go to for some of their information. We will work closely and transparently with our Industry friends for the improvement of the Sport and for the benefit of our Members. .


Karting NSW Inc. (“Us”) will immediately authorise practice for all NSW Member Clubs under our own insurance arrangements. KNSW Inc. can confirm that practice will be authorised for ALL Approved Tyres (listed by both KNSW and KA) in the lead up to the 2019 competition year. With the Maxxis competition tyre due to arrive in the coming week and Dunlop’s already available, Karters may be keen to give them a try. A further release on tyre availability and KNSW Inc’s Interim Practice Regulations 2018/19 will follow shortly, but please contact the State Secretary for details.

That’s all for now, but in concluding I would like to thank my fellow Directors and the Executive of Karting NSW Inc. for all their hard work and loyalty recently. These have been tough times, but what has made it all worthwhile, and indeed provided us the motivation to continue - is the overwhelming messages of support we have received from you, the wider Membership here in NSW. The Board thanks you, and we commit to continue acting for your benefit and welfare.

Yours in Karting,
Dave Filipetto 
Karting (NSW) Inc